Who is Real Jill?

Jill Knerr and Poppy


Jill is a divorced mother to a fourteen-year-old daughter, a full-time nonprofit executive and a home business entrepreneur. 

After a life-changing divorce in my early 40’s, Jill became a passionate student of personal growth, health and wellness and a coach and mentor to other women seeking to live their best lives on every level.   

While Jill does not consider herself the preeminent expert on all of her passions, she is well-read, researched and connected with experts in each discipline.

Jill believes in the power of networking to share resources and value to anyone seeking greater knowledge in their path to a vibrant life worth living. 

Honesty and compassion are Jill’s two guiding principles in everything she does for herself and others. 

Today, Jill lives with her daughter, four cats and five dogs in a country setting set midway between Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD. 

Currently, she has a 20-year career in nonprofit management, runs a thriving health and wellness coaching business, a women’s networking group, and donates her time and money to animal welfare and rescue among other charities close to her heart. 


Real Jill is just that – ME, being my honest self, sharing my story, what has (and has not) worked for me in my personal and professional life. You can rely on me to shoot straight, tell it like it is, and to be raw, honest and REAL! Most important of all – I am so glad you are here! I mean really over-the-moon happy that you were compelled, intrigued or otherwise driven to visit this site and get to know this community. I invite you to share and contribute– tips, resources, favorite things – so we can all benefit from each other. Hugs and love ~Jill
Jill Knerr The Real Jill
Jill Knerr
Real Jill

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